Get ready for some great music during February Vacation Week! The lifts will be spinning all week and we've rounded up some awesome musical talent to get the apres going. On Saturday the Dapper Gents will be playing all night long; they're a New England-based four-piece folk-rock band with killer harmonies and filthy cello solos. On Sunday local legends Skosh will be back and bringing the jams. Tuesday we have a double header with Lee Stearns playing in the afternoon and Chris Goodenough closing out the evening. Wednesday we're excited to host Char Reilly, an up and coming talent originally from Upstate NY; Char plays a mix of their originals and takes songs from all different genres and covers them in their own way. On Thursday we will have James Rice joining us. Indie solo artist Nikola will play on Friday as we get ready for the weekend. Rick Reyes and