Toby McAllister

Toby McAllister

Known primarily as the founding member and guitarist for Sparks The Rescue, Toby has been playing music his entire adult life. He spent his 20’s touring in a van, and now lives in his home state of Maine with his family. He gigs full time all around New England, and posts his monthly schedules right here to his page. December of 2021 finds Toby not only reuniting with his brothers in Sparks, but also releasing his first solo EP titled, “Daydreamin.” It was recorded over a scorching hot week in July of 2021 by Jonathan Wyman, who also produced and mixed the project. The players also include Nathan Spencer (Sparks The Rescue) on drums, Andrew Martelle (The Mallett Brothers Band) on fiddle, Adam “Ditch” Kurtz (Joshua Ray Walker, Sarah Shook & the Disarmers) on pedal steel, Jake Van Paepeghem (Skösh) on bass and electric guitars, and Sam Lyons on mandolin. 


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